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We design, implement and accelerate operational transformation & realising tomorrow's results today.

Known for our hands-on approach, industry expertise and resolve, we deliver an agile workforce, improve performance, expand profitability and propel top-line growth for our clients.

What if you could? With Proudfoot, you can.

We serve industrial leaders around the world including manufacturing, natural resources, consumer packaged goods, transportation, automotive, building materials and heavy industry.

To our very core, we understand the human element of transformation. We introduce new capabilities and we employ the power of your people to create performance multipliers and an engaged culture.

Recognised for our speed and the magnitude of benefits we generate for our clients, we have been doing it & not just planning it - for more than 70 years.

We believe true transformation only comes from engaging an organisation in behaving their way into the new world, at the centre of transformation is a tri-focus lens through which we view a business;

1. Methods: how work gets done (Hands).
2. Toolsets: how you manage your work (Head).
3. Action: how people behave (Heart).

In today's business world, it is not enough to work with a client to achieve the results alone; all our clients are looking to upskill their people and learn from Proudfoot. Our professionals and collaborative working style, along with the powerful combination of relevant expertise and change-capable employees, provide a client with the ability to build internal, longer-term organisational capability. We call this "Jumpstarting" improvement program, one of the many flexible ways we are working with our clients today.

We know...

1. ... how operational transformation works and what it takes to design, implement and sustain change.
2.?... how to engage people in lasting change.
3.?... how integral change management is and how to bring it to life.
4.?... how clean processes, skilled and engaged people and performance management tools come together to create new and lasting business results.
5.?... how to align, optimize and manage digital, technology and industry disruptions.
6.?... how program management is the process guiding people and showing them where they are in a project to help them cross the finish line.
7.?... how the tools we bring are as important as our people.
8.?... how to deploy multisite transformation rollouts.
9.?... how to jumpstart internal improvement where your people take the lead.
10.?... how to work alongside your people, shoulder-to-shoulder where the work is.

Industry leaders across the global marketplace. Proudfoot delivers our services in Natural Resources including Mining and Metals, Building Materials, Oil and Gas, and Industrials (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Transportation, Automotive and Heavy Industry).

Proudfoot also provides market-specific local customisation in sectors such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

Our footprint is our client's footprint. Proudfoot has the strength and capability to provide global support with local understanding and reach.

Tomorrow's results, today. Known for our hands-on approach, industry expertise and resolve, Proudfoot works with clients to deliver an agile workforce, improve performance, expand profitability and propel top-line growth.